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What to Expect

The first session is an opportunity for us to get to know each other and decide whether we can work together. I will ask questions to try to understand more about your difficulties and clarify your goals for therapy. I might use questionnaires to help with this process.

As therapy progresses, we would work in partnership to help you better understand yourself and develop alternative ways of thinking, behaving, and managing your feelings. We will regularly review our progress to check that we are covering what is most important to you and effectively working towards your goals. Often, attending the sessions themselves are not enough; you will be supported to actively apply skills and strategies learnt in session to your daily life.

Information that we discuss is confidential. Like other psychologists, I am bound by ethical and legal guidelines that prevent me from sharing what you have said without your consent. An exception to this is if I think that you or another person might be at risk of harm.

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